Welcome back, October 6th already! Many blind items for you this chilly morning. A lady restaurateur with a stalker problem, a TV star having an affair, a smitten comeback actor, a famous love triangle, a former escort who is now a superstar, a comedian with a small endowment, a jealous wife of a rockstar, and a secretly gay boyband member. 1) "Which lady restaurateur has had to flee the country to get away from a stalkerazzi ex-boyfriend? No word on when she's planning to return." [NYDN] 2) "Which TV star is having an affair behind his girlfriend's back? The high-profile man in question is constantly bombarding his new love with raunchy texts." [Mirror] 3) "Former A lister but he hasn't been one in awhile. I guess technically he would be about a C lister now but with some A list name recognition. Always films. He was trying to make a career comeback. His agent and manager have a brand new television show lined up for him, but he hasn't done anything about it, returned any calls or met with the people he needs to because he is newly in love and can't bear to be apart from his girlfriend. Manager and agent are ready to let him go unless he gets his act together." [CDaN] 4) "This is really interesting. This foreign born actress is definitely C list. Attractive and young, but C list. Apparently she was also the reason that this now married B+ film actor who got his start in television broke up with his then fiancee who is an A list singer. The C list actress and our B+ actor had a thing for about five minutes while they were making a film together, but she was always keeping in touch after. Although she wanted more, our actor didn't. Unfortunately for him, his A list singer, didn't believe him or his protestations, and eventually it led to the break up." [CDaN] 5) "Before his big break, this black male celebrity was an escort and serviced some of wealthiest women on the East Coast… When he first got into the entertainment industry, he came with a “conquest” list and he has since checked off every woman on that list… Women continue to swoon over him and he’s made good investments over the years. Not only is he sexy but he’s also rich." [BlindGossip] 6) "Which big name comedian is getting regular laughs not over his back catalogue of gags - but the size of his manhood? The little fella in question is nicknamed “mini-mouse” by his many scorned lovers." [BlindGossip] 7) "Which wife of a rock superstar has been punishing him for going to strip clubs without her? The spouse has spent about $30 million on a house they don't really need to get back at him for not including her in his adventures." [NYP] 8) "Which boy-band member is going to shock his female fans when he comes out of the closet?" [NYP]