Well, as you may have read elsewhere, today is my last day as a Defamer. Your Uncle Grambo isn't really the commiserating type, so I'm going to keep this tidy. I'd like to thank everyone on the immediate team during my stay — Mark, Seth, Molls, Molly, Douglas, Stu, Kyle, Nick and Tricia — for contributing their blood, sweat and tears (but mostly their tears) to making Defamer such a smart, savage and essential read for hundreds of thousands of pop culture enthusiasts each and every weekday. I'd like to thank the Dark Lord Denton for letting me take the reins of the site, and I'd also like to thank you, the loyal Defamer reader, for picking up what we've been throwing down for the last nine months and change. When I agreed to join the team last December, my primary charge was to give the site a booster shot of energy and enthusiasm. And if the readership numbers are any indication, it looks like we successfully accomplished that mission. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for an appointment to Diving Bell the Butterfly out of some hotties at the club. Until next time, au revoir!