Paul Little, a.k.a Max Hardcore, head of the porn company Max World Entertainment and himself a porn star, has been sentenced 46 months in prison by a judge in Tampa. His crime: being too hardcore. The Justice Department got him on obscenity charges, saying that he distributed films in which he "is shown engaging in violent and extreme sexual acts with female performers." During his trial the jury could barely bring themselves to watch the material. So what was in there that was so bad?

The jury ruled the films, which include scenes of vomiting, violence and urination, were criminally obscene... Little apologized to the court and said the videos and DVDs in question were labeled and intended for the more permissive European market, not for sale in the United States.

There's also the fact that his movies "usually feature him engaging in a variety of sexual acts with young women who dress and act like prepubescent girls." What a sleazebag. Also, what a bad ruling. America should be ashamed to lose to Europe in porn freedom. [TBO]