Portfolio isn't over and done with, after all: An affiliate of Condé Nast—based in Charlotte, weirdly—plans to revive the magazine's website. [NYO]
• Josh Marshall has accepted Maureen Dowd's apology for swiping some of his copy; and Dowd's new column today is Marshall-free, thankfully. [TPM, NYT]
• Upfronts 2009: What the CW and CBS have in store for the fall. [THR, THR]
• Is Jann Wenner looking to poach Condé Nast honcho David Carey? [NYM]
Times executive editor Bill Keller says Google is the paper's "frenemy." [NYO]
• CNBC's Jeff Macke had a meltdown on the air yesterday. [Gawker]

• Leno may be moving to primetime, but Oprah was NBC's first pick. [Variety]
• Marketers are "losing respect" for magazines, according to a survey. [AdAge]
• Blowhard Rush Limbaugh is daring certain blowhards at MSNBC to try and go a month without mentioning his name. Good luck, gents. [Politico]
• Sad news: Author Frank McCourt says he has cancer. [AP/HuffPo]