· We were just thinking last night how the market is clamoring for more dramas about the folly of marriage. Luckily, Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt were available for the latest one, Every Day, shooting this month in New York. Should be a hoot. [Variety] · Last Samurai and Blood Diamond helmer Edward Zwick will visit ShowEast to receive the Kodak Award for Excellence in Coming Up Short in Awards Season Every Two or Three Years. Truly, he is a master. [Variety] After the jump: George Romero revives the dead, AMC goes to Mars and Megan Fox gets her impact gauged. Hot!· Bryan Singer should love this: A new study indicates that the most expensive films to produce are generally the most profitable in the long run. [THR] · Flexing its intergalactic genre muscle once more, AMC is in talks to develop the sci-fi novel Red Mars as a series. [THR] · Who are among those young stars receiving career report cards in Variety 2008 Youth Impact Report? Try Blake Lively, The Jonas Brothers, Megan Fox and — wait for it — Thor Bradwell. Indeed, if repping High School Musical talent doesn't work out, that is a name made for porn. [Variety] · George A. Romero is quietly shooting a new zombie film about an isolated island where dead relatives return to eat their kin. Working title: Lucasfilm. [Variety]