On John McCain's last fundraiser jaunt through Hollywood, he attracted a motley crew of the men and women who make up the industry's smallest club: Republicans. Hollywood titans like Wilford Brimley, Craig T. Nelson, and Jon Cryer (who was just gathering information!) all turned out to support the candidate who thinks "celebrity" is a dirty word and has the endorsement roster to prove it. So what glittering surprises did McCain have up his sleeve for last night's McCain/Palin fundraiser across the street from CAA? Let's take a look!

John McCain may hate those Tinseltown elites. But that doesn't mean he won't take their money. A number of prominent Hollywood conservatives, including Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Dennis Miller and D.B. Sweeney (but alas no Wilford Brimley) gathered Wednesday night at Los Angeles' Century Plaza Hotel to fill the GOP coffers. It was the second soiree in as many months organized by Republican A-listers on McCain's behalf. "What a great event," Voight told E! News. ...McCain, however, was a no-show for the event, opting to remain in D.C. to work on the stalled financial bill. As a result, only about 300 guests of an expected 1,500 turned out.

Yes they can (attract one-fifth of their estimated audience)! Really, though, wouldn't a more populated ballroom have taken something away from the megaton presence of McCain endorser D.B. Sweeney? And where does his Cutting Edge star Moira Kelly stand on this important political issue? Should she break ranks to vote with Bob Barr, will that be political treason — or foreplay?