I sort of loved how most of the actors Dan Winters photographed for New York's "New York Actor" photo essay looked basically like hell. This is not freaking Santa Monica. If someone invented indulgences for all the sins we commit against our skin we'd be the Avignon Papacy. But enough wishful thinking: Liz Smith reports today "some big name stars" were "not amused" by the harsh realism of his portraiture, which Smith credits to his past shooting spreads for Texas Monthly, "where they like things rough and tough." (This assertion appears to have no basis in fact, but it was fun checking out his portfolio.) So: who's the vain aging diva/o who told Liz she wasn't the only one who was put off by Mr. Winters' verisimilitude schtick? Let's examine the evidence:
Well I think we know who it's not:

Jessica Lange: hair looks good, but the eyes look all senile and disoriented. Possible?

Oy, Edie Falco. But it's nowhere near as scary as the Wikipedia photo she has not to my knowledge made any attempts to alter, so it's probably not her.

Ha ha ha, Lypsinka

Oh God it's totally Ellen Barkin, duh. Maybe don't pose with Julianne Moore next time, lady! But what a week for the phantom plastic surgery shadow, huh.