Apparently there's some sort of political "debate" tonight in which a crazy man from Delaware is going to be yelling at the young and clueless child bride of a Russian fur trader. Yes, Joe Biden is debating Sarah Palin tonight—winner gets the most meaningless job in politics. And now, like Rose La Touche hosting the Lincoln-Douglas debates, self-appointed socialite and heiress Emily Brill—operator of the most meaningless blog in politics, Essentially Emily—is hosting a "strictly uptown" live-blogging debate event. No sneakers! You're probably not invited, because it's seriously exclusive, but the invitation is after the jump anyway: Oh, and Update: In a brand new post! Ms. Brill discusses her invite-only soiree with her aspirating "readership" and asks the very, very important question: "ESSENTIALLY ASKING: what do you want to know about my friends’ political views?" To which the only response is: "Abso-fucking-lutely nothing." No, but seriously: "go ahead, ask away! they might just answer for themselves tonight. holla!"

You should try to get in if only for the salient political commentary that Ms. Brill is apt to spout while she chuckles to herself, feeling that she's already won the only thing worth winning. HOLLA!