Yesterday we posed some questions, and you guys decided that the tween TV/movie star with a drug and sadness problem was either Hilary Duff, Alexis Bledel, or Amanda Bynes (good guesses all!) and that the heartthrob hunk with a slight case of bulimia was Zac Efron. Correct. Today we have another tween star who's maybe a gay person, a publishing house that only pays its minority interns, and a bitchy TV star. 1) "Another tweener today. This time it is a guy though and one of the biggest of the big tweeners. I really hate that word, but at least it is to the point. Anyway this tweener has always had his sexuality questioned and spending the night in the hotel suite of this ambiguous A list male singer is not going to help quash the rumors." [CDaN] 2) "Which publishing house is quietly paying interns, but only if they're "of a minority"? Not a whole lot of people know about it - because most of the interns, well, aren't getting paid - but the ones that are, aren't really in need. Does HR really assume that you need money based not on income but on your skin color? Guess so." [BlindGossip] 3) "Which sexy actress has been anything but angelic on the set of her new TV show? Her costars are fuming after the dirty diva demanded more screen time and a bigger trailer." [BlindGossip]