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Anna Wintour appeared on stage last night at the 92Y with hotel mogul (and occasional talk show host) Jonathan Tisch playing the role of interviewer. The Vogue editor was quite the draw: Before the event, some people had supposedly offered hundreds of dollars to get their hands on tickets to the sold-out talk, and one woman waited outside for more than two hours in the hopes of getting in at the last minute. (Some kind-hearted person took pity on the lady and gave her a ticket intended for a friend who didn't show up.)

As is often the case when Wintour makes public appearances, the Vogue editor was heckled mid-talk. But it wasn't necessarily negative (although there was some of that, too). When PETA protesters tried to spoil the lovefest by unfurling a banner from the balcony, a woman in the audience countered the interruption by shouting "I love you, Anna," a cry that was met with a round of applause from the audience. Wintour, herself, showed off the steeliness she's famous for. (When an animal rights activist dropped a dead raccoon on her plate at the Four Seasons in 1996, she didn't bat an eyelash; "Merry Christmas," she reportedly said to her guests as she calmly finished her coffee.) Wintour's response to attack from the bleacher seats? "As I was saying, fashion means different things to different people."

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