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• George Clooney went out to celebrate his 48th birthday last week, had too much to drink, and ended up hurling in the VIP area. Clooney denies it was him, though, and says he was just "sitting next to someone who did throw up." [NYDN]
• Cops were called to Lindsay Lohan's house yesterday after a security alarm sounded and officers initially thought the house had been ransacked. It turns out Lindsay always keeps her house that way, which means in addition to everything else, she probably could use a good housekeeper, too. [TMZ]
• Marie Douglas-David has been embroiled in a nasty divorce with her elderly husband George David. Now she has a new man. She's dating a Swedish financier named Johan Saxon, and he's only seven years older than her. [P6]
Lydia Hearst is going topless—again—in a new movie with Jason Behr. [P6]

• Rihanna "accidentally" gave Chris Brown an expensive pair of sneakers and a watch for his birthday last week, but only because one of her assistants messed up and supposedly mailed the gifts she bought before they broke up. Doesn't say much for the USPS, does it? [MSNBC]
• Brad Pitt has supposedly started drunk dialing Jen Aniston. [NYDN]
• David Duchovny and Téa Leoni have reunited and started wearing their wedding rings again. [NYDN]
• Prince Harry will be making his first-ever formal visit to the US on May 30th. Let the countdown begin. [People]
• Megan Fox cursed out a reporter for suggesting that she's "too pretty for serious movie roles." [Sun]
• As you've undoubtedly heard by now, Donald Trump announced that Carrie Prejean can keep her crown at a press conference yesterday. [TMZ]
Bette Midler and 50 Cent have apparently become friends, and may perform a duet at an upcoming charity event. This is not a joke. [E!]
• Paulina Porizkova says she won't be coming back as a judge on next season's America's Next Top Model. Producers fired her from the show last month via telephone (and on her birthday, no less). [amNY]
• Michael Jackson is expected to make more than $50 million from concert tour this summer. Good news. He could use the cash. [Reuters]
• Justin Timberlake's entire family loves Jessica Biel, just so you know. [P6]
Harrison Ford is confirming he and Calista Flockhart are engaged. [OK!]
• Rachel Hunter, who's marrying hockey star Jarrett Stoll in the fall, says she's already changed the location of her wedding seven times. [P6]
• Kid Rock is coming out with his own brand of beer. [LAT]
• Britney Spears' cousin Alli is looking to start a music career. [P6]
• Heidi Montag has legally changed her name to Heidi Pratt. Please update your address book accordingly. Thanks. [Us]