Jim Dolan's Cablevision says that Newsday is not for sale, which is good since there isn't a company on the planet that wants to buy it. [E&P]
• David Geffen made an offer to acquire the stake in the New York Times Co. controlled by Phil Falcone's Harbinger fund; Harbinger passed. [Fortune]
• The mood isn't too upbeat at the Cannes Film Festival, unsurprisingly. [THR]
60 Minutes' segment on Anna Wintour should air this Sunday. [Gawker]
• As of the publishing biz didn't have enough to worry about, "web pirates" are now posting copies of books on the Internet. [NYT]
Anderson Cooper's ratings have been on the decline all year. [LAT]
OK! appears to be dissolving into chaos. [ASSME, Gawker]

• Slate's website for women launched today. [DoubleX]
Good Housekeeping is going on a diet, so to speak. [Folio]
• Howard Dean has signed contract with CNBC. [USN]
• Sign 'o the times: Twitter surpassed both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal websites in terms of unique visitors in April. [PaidContent]
• The NYT launched a news service called "Times Wire" today. [CJR]
• The future of web advertising: ads that cover up the whole screen. [NYT]