It's a fact of life on the internet that when you are mentioned (and linked to) unfavorably by certain high traffic right-wing bloggers, you promptly start receiving some of the most remarkable hate mail you've ever seen. It begins immediately, peaks overnight, and continues usually for about 72 hours or so. Then everyone forgets about it or gets bored and only a few wackos send you the odd death threat for another week or two. (That cycle of mass hatred is not exclusive to pissing off the far-right—obsessive fans of certain celebrities act in much the same fashion!—but Malkin-readers are the form's purest expression.) For your edification, we've run some numbers on keywords used in the hate mail sent to us after we reprinted some of Sarah Palin's emails, an act of malicious terrorism that got us called all sorts of names by Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilley, and presumably many more. Why is this relevant now? Hah, two of our favorite conservative bloggers just got caught up in the same shitstorm of right-wing bile. Gentlemen, meet Kathryn Lean Lopez, editor of National Review Online! She is the mother of all Kool-Aid drinkers, according to Andrew Sullivan. She writes for The Corner, NRO's neat little group blog that really exists inside its own bubble of political fantasy and theological debate and name-calling and reality-denying. But K-Lo wrote a crazy column about how "the McCain campaign should stop trying to ruin their good thing — a vice-presidential candidate who was a breath of fresh air not only in the campaign but in American politics and culture — by over-preparing her and tossing her into hostile media interviews." Which led to this!

‘You belong on MSNBC. You’re no republican and should be ashamed of what you wrote. You’re a disgrace to this journal and the republican party. Everyone knows you are a democrat with a name Lopez. I don’t ever want to hear from you. Thousands of complaints about you have been expressed.”

Ha ha, oh shit, K-Lo just heard from her base, and they're not happy! Also they're a little racist and crazy! But honestly that is tame compared to what her NRO friend Kathleen Parker got when she wrote a column about how Palin really needs to be kicked off the ticket to save the Republican party.

Your article sounds more like a female on the rug. You don’t do yourself credit for the lousy journalism you displayed in your article. The article filled with so much BS, mud slinging, it came to a point it became unbearable to read any more drool from your part. So I must ask you, are you some pig that resembles Rosy O’Donnell, or do you hate real feminine, soft and powerful woman who has reversed years of corruption in Alaska, and fearful that she will do the same thing, but her problem that might shatter this dream is her poor performance in a few interviews? Hopefully this is not typical of your journalist abilities, otherwise, you might be better off heading home and cooking some cookies.

My, My, Kathleen, what a nice conservative facade you have!! Truly, your aren’t fooling anyone with your so called concern for the betterment of the Republican Party by asking Sarah Palin to get off the ticket. What you did was embarrass yourself and negate every positive article you ever wrote about Republicans. See, I think you are a fake — a wolf in sheep clothing. A pretend conservative. Someone who can’t be relied on in tough times and has zero loyalty. Someone who lies in wait to attack. In your dark heart, that opportunity couldn’t come too soon. So, please, spare us conservatives, who actually care about supporting our party through smooth & rough roads, with your disingenuous regrets. Clearly, your article proved that you are not a supporter of women or loyal to the party, because you implied that Sarah Palin has to be perfect in every way to be counted as credible. And in your eyes, she doesn’t perform according to your standards. Finally, I don’t have the time nor do I want to waste my time with you by making comparisons of Sarah Palin to many of our past, ‘experienced & knowledgeable leaders’ that brought this country to crisis after crisis. So, you might want to re-categorize yourself as, a “woman who won’t support another woman unless she believes what I believe” — LIBERAL. Having mass amounts of ‘information’ pale in comparison to the Godly character Sarah Palin has & how that character would bring her through any challenging situation. But I guess only a Christian conservative could see that.

You talk too f***ing much. Get out from behind you computer and get a real job. And stop help Senator Hairplugs, you f***ing dope.

You are very easy to figure as are many like you. The bad have always hated the good. No matter what issue. War, terrorism, politics, evil like Osama Bin and people like him, Mumoud from Iran and such. Evil has always hated the good!!!!!!!!! Case closed

The hate inspired Parker to write her own oh man the hate mail I got is crazy column. Parker, of course, compares the bile and threats to Nancy Pelosi's dumb anti-Bush speech in a "everyone is too partisan" cop-out. But, you know, Parker does acknowledge that this brief trip outside the Party Line led to an unprecendented amount of hate mail: "After 20 years of column writing, I'm familiar with angry mail. But the past few days have produced responses of a different order. Not just angry, but vicious and threatening." (The Guardian too recently ran one of their periodic "look at our dumb American hate mail" columns too!) We'd say this is indicative of a terrified Republican base facing their first big loss in some time, but honestly the tone and volume of the hate mail has barely varied since we were first introduced to it in 2006 (and we're sure it was the same story from the very beginnings of the internet). The Commentariat is just ANGRY and VIOLENT, all the time. Liberals get a great deal of justified ribbing for their constant outrage over every little thing, and political blog commenters from both sides are guilty of disgusting rhetoric, but in our experience it's the Malkinites and Little Green Footballers and their Brethren who hands-down win the violent, stupid, and hateful hat trick. Look how they turn on their own! Hey, here's our own inbox!