Is Sarah Palin merely a pawn for the powerful hunting industry, being used to lure in women to become the newest consumers in the sport's thrill kill cult? Well that would probably be an overstatement. But it is true that hunting interests have been recruiting women hardcore lately, and they're stepping up their big marketing push to ladies now that a fellow bloodthirsty vagina possessor has a shot at the White House. Turns out there's lots of money to be made on female hunters. And also lots of bad poetry! The number of men hunting has declined over the last decade, as humans move out of caves and into urban areas and find ways to distinguish themselves from Dick Cheney. So weapons manufacturers and their ilk are targeting women to pick up the slack. By offering them some dumb things like pink guns, which, savvy female hunters noted, was not very good camouflage. But Palin has been a hit:

Gov. Palin is an ideal role model, say some women hunters, because she defies the masculine image of the sport. "She's a babe," says Linda Burch, a bear-hunting Minnesota accounting executive who applies lipstick before posing for kill shots.

Inspirational! More marketing insight into the minds of feminine killers, from the WSJ:

By some accounts, female hunters are different than their male counterparts. Unlike most male hunters, for instance, some share poetry with each other. "I wish I may, I wish I might, have a big buck in my sight," reads one contribution to's poetry page.

Gun is pink, I love Sarah Palin Animals see me coming I end up eating raisins.