Conservative thinkin' guy William F. Buckley left his huge fortune almost entirely to his son, novelist Christopher Buckley. The rest went to Chris Buckley's two children with his wife. None of it went to Chris Buckley's third child, who he fathered with his former publicist. That child, 7-year-old Johnathan, suffers from ADHD. Buckley pays $3k a month to the mother, Irina Woelfle. Woelfle would maybe like that amount raised a bit, because now Chris Buckley has like tens of millions of dollars! But rascally old William F. Buckley made sure, on his death bed, to deny this illegitimate grandchild a dime of his fortune. He called him out by name in the will!

In his will, William F. Buckley Jr. leaves the contents of his estate to Christopher and the two children he fathered with his wife - and leaves no doubt that Jonathan will get none of the money. "I intentionally make no provision herein for said Jonathan, who for all purposes ... shall be deemed to have predeceased me," wrote William Buckley, who died in February.

What an asshole! "The language seems a little over the top; almost mean-spirited," said Greenwich lawyer Patrick R. Gil, who is not afraid of vast understatements. And so the Buckley family name continues to represent wit and unconscionable dickery. Hooray! Update: Oh, we should at least point out that Chris Buckley has been separated from his wife for some time. He's currently dating another publicist, named Jolie Hunt.