When your quotidian indiscretions can be photographed, Twittered, and uploaded before you've stumbled out of a cab and up the steps at the end of the night, extra precautions must be taken. Especially you're dating extreme lifestreaming oversharer Julia Allison. Yes, one brave gent has stepped up to the plate. Crazy we didn't hear about it sooner, because she usually shares all her important life decisions with us via her blog—and most men are therefore afraid to date her. "She realized this recently after three promising first dates abruptly called it quits," as her recent NYT profile put it. "In an e-mail message, Ms. Allison acknowledged that her chosen profession may have permanently ruined her social life." But not entirely. Eater's darkly handsome blogger-about-town Ben Leventhal has taken her on.Ohai, Ben! You have been fearing this day for a while, haven't you?

How does an auto-overexposed fameball gal go from being relationship kryptonite to having an actual relationship that has literally gone three complete months without being blogged? We're sure Leventhal came up with a long list of rules about them dating. Like, no being seen in public together, no being photographed in public together, no mentioning him on her all-inclusive Nonsociety blog, etc. That is so romantic. Sadly, all this hush-hush secrecy and behaving like real celebs will only further inflate the self-importance of everybody involved. And thus, life will mimic art. [Photo: Nick McGlynn for Random Night Out]