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Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant will meet in Greenwich divorce court for the first time today. Expect some fireworks: Brant has already filed a motion demanding Seymour "undergo drug and alcohol testing"; for her part, Seymour is accusing Brant of "hostile, threatening and intimidating behavior." [NYP]
• Now that he's split from his wife, Sean Penn is supposedly dating Natalie Portman (again), since she "stimulates him in ways no other person has." [Star]
• Rumor has it Madonna and Jesus Luz are planning some sort of commitment ceremony at the Kabbalah Center sometime soon. [NYDN]
• Luke Russert was either the "It" boy at the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday night, or has been a major disappointment for MSNBC, depending on who you talk to. [NYDN, P6]
• Speaking of nepotism, Meghan McCain reportedly "lost it" and acted like an "insolent child" when a guard told her she couldn't bring two friends into the Correspondents dinner on Saturday. [NYDN]

• Amy Winehouse's "comeback concert" in St. Lucia didn't go as planned on Friday night: After forgetting lyrics and falling on stage, Amy eventually had to end the concert early due to torrential rains. [DM, NYT]
• Ruth Madoff was spotted wearing glasses and schlepping a roller bag filled with jewelry up Lexington Avenue. [P6]
• Barbra Streisand's assistant was arrested in Malibu last Wednesday after police found cocaine, meth, and a weapon in her car. [LAT]
• Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali threw eggs at the paparazzi on Friday night, although "more yolks ended up on Lindsay's driver's Rolls Royce" than on any photographers. [LAT]
• Dina Lohan, meanwhile, says Ali hasn't dropped out of high school. She says she's getting home-schooled just like Lindsay was. [People]
• Rev. Run's son, Jojo Simmons, was arrested on Friday night after narcotics officers found him buying marijuana in Washington Heights. [NYDN]
• Good news, Bravo viewers: Kelly Killoren Bensimon says she "has every intention of coming back" for another season of RHoNY. [E!]
• A Baltimore stripper says she had a threesome with Michael Phelps. [NYP]
Theodora Richards has left IMG to join sister Alexandra at Wilhelmina. [P6]
Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn may be dating Liz Claiborne-widower Art Ortenberg. [P6]
• Nude photos of Rihanna surfaced online last Friday. [P6]
• A woman has filed for a restraining order against Ryan O'Neal for pestering her for phone sex. While his wife, Farrah Fawcett, is in the hospital. [Sun]
• Dennis Rodman had dinner at the Gansevoort in Miami, left without paying the $1,000 bill, and then hit an employee in the face on his way out. [NYDN]
Kate Winslet is suing the Daily Mail for claiming she lied about her workout routine. [BBC]
50 Cent is "no longer a suspect" in the 2008 house fire that nearly killed his former girlfriend and their son. At least that's what he says. [E!]
• Tobey Maguire's wife Jennifer gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday. [NYDN]
Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their wedding vows on a Malibu beach. [AH]
Alex Rodriguez has finally moved into his rental at 15 CPW. [NYDN]