Who would Homer Simpson vote for? It's a question pundits across America (or at least a couple of them) have spent part of 2008 attempting to answer, particularly after the failed grassroots effort to mobilize his third-party presidential candidacy for November. (It came down to his support of nuclear energy, or Marge not wanting to exploit Maggie... rumors abound). But in an excerpt we found from The Simpsons episode slated for Nov. 2, the all-important Simpson endorsement is finally revealed — better late than never for one candidate, if not quite beneficial to Homer himself. We suppose that in addition to Ohio's little-known secession from the US, the lesson here is that voting is a contact sport, and not an especially fair one. But like so many things in the world, it could have been worse; when the chips are down, those Diebold voting machines have nothing on an armed Sarah Palin. [YouTube]