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We knew media mogul Barry Diller enjoyed the occasional spin on a mountain bike—he's pictured here on a bicycle at last year's Allen & Co. media confab—but we didn't realize he scooted around Manhattan on a Vespa. But that was one of Diane Clehane's revelations when the Mediabistro contributor turned up at Michael's yesterday for her customary Wednesday lunch:

I happened to catch him suiting up for a quick getaway after lunch as he slipped into a windbreaker and donned a helmet and sunglasses before revving up his Vespa and disappearing into midtown traffic.

Of course, it's also possible her eyes were deceiving her. One line down she says she saw Harvey Weinstein dining with "power publicist" David Zaslav. Which may be true if, in fact, the president and CEO of Discovery Communications—or"cable's fastest rising star," to quote Forbes—has been demoted to the PR department.

Lunch: Barry Diller (on a Vespa!), Harvey Weinstein & Judge Judy [MB]