Drudge just linked to this video with the headline "Obama Kids Sing for Dear Leader." See how many seconds it takes you to throw up lunch! Produced by something called Sing For Change, it depicts a group of 5-12-year-olds singing a song about their favorite presidential candidate. "Light, hope, courage and love shine through these non-voting children who believe that their very best contribution to the Obama campaign is to sing," reads the website. After the jump, their North Korean counterparts — they are several inches shorter than their South Korean counterparts, you know — sing for their leader, and I rant briefly about What It Means.

The thought that an actual Obama supporter would round up a few dozen kids in the name of producing such nauseating vacuous reverse propaganda is too depressing, so let's just assume this is the diabolical work of some NRA-funded 527. But if it is not, it's a powerful statement as to the thing that has been so disappointing about this campaign: if Obama doesn't seem to be trying hard enough to seize the moment, make sense of the recent history that precipitated this particular economic situation and articulate a vision for the nation's future that actually changes minds — this may seem unnecessary for the purpose of winning, but as we just learned it's absolutely necessary for the purpose of getting anything done in Washington — it's because he doesn't have to. People want to believe he will save us from all that ails us because they are so stupid they lack even the faintest notion of what it means to be able to speak and vote and freely upload their inane videos to YouTube. And yeah, sure, screw those people; let them find jobs on some PetroChina rig in the Sudan, what do I care.