Released from the hospital this past Friday, DJ AM yesterday made his first public appearance since the plane crash that claimed the lives of four people and left the musician and his friend Travis Barker badly burned. One of those victims was Chris "Lil' Chris" Baker, Barker's assistant, and it was his memorial service that drew DJ AM back into the public eye.

DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, arrived in a limousine to pay respects to Baker, 29. More than 300 people turned out to honor Baker, and many friends stood up to share their memories of him at the memorial service, which lasted two hours.

...Goldstein, dressed in a green polo shirt, followed Villar's request that people wear green – Baker's favorite color – to honor her husband's memory. Goldstein, who suffered burns in the crash, was released from Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., last Friday. Barker, was released from the hospital Monday and is on his way back to Los Angeles on a bus. "Travis felt so bad to have missed [the service]," said a source.

Can't blame Travis for eschewing air travel on his way back to Los Angeles. Good luck to both men. [Photo Credit: Splash News]