• Walt Disney reported that profits plunged 46% last quarter. [Variety, WSJ]
Mort Zuckerman's plan to save newspapers involves bingo. Really! [NYM]
• The New York Times Co. has reached a deal with the unions at the Boston Globe, although it may take a few weeks to vote on the compromise. [E&P]
• NBC's Washington headquarters is contaminated with asbestos! [NYO]
• Tricky Dylan Ratigan isn't joining ABC after all. He's going to MSNBC. [Gawker]
Michael Wolff may hate the New York Times, but if it weren't for the Times, he'd probably have nothing to rant about on his unknown website. [HP]
• Amazon unveiled its fancy, new Kindle reader today. [NYT, E&P]

• Nielsen's rating system has been totally busted the last four days, which is causing TV executives to kind of freak out, as you might imagine. [NYT]
• News Corp. is launching some sort of web content platform. [NYP]
• HuffPo has a list of CNN's five "most annoying" personalities. Sure, Lou Dobbs has a lock as No. 1. But Soledad O'Brien in the No. 5 slot? [HuffPo]
• Andrew Wilkes is out as the managing editor of Allure. [P6]
Glamour has some sort of "economic stimulus package" planned. [WWD]
• Pete Sheinbaum, the CEO of Daily Candy, is exiting the company. [PC]