Though it was a somewhat convoluted blind item, a lot of you guys came to the same conclusion yesterday: one of the actors who got all drugged up and gave an actress a black eye was kinda crazy dude Christian Bale. Sounds convincing! Today we have two TV costars who are having an affair, and a star who is secretly pregnant. 1) "Well it is the period for fall television premieres. This one hasn't kicked off yet, but when it does, you need to keep an eye out to see if you can catch any of the sparks that are apparently happening on set between this married B- list actress and her in a relationship C+ male co-star. Apparently his relationship is not going smoothly at all now that his significant other caught him sending dirty texts to the B list actress. What our B list actress probably doesn't know is that the C lister has a reputation for always cheating on his significant others with castmates and that our actress is nothing special to him. Hopefully she will realize that fact before she walks out on her husband." [CDaN] 2) "Which celebrity has a good reason for lying about her pregnancy? Two earlier unpublicized miscarriages make her hesitant about announcing too soon, so she is telling everyone that she simply gained weight for a role. She’ll go public at the six month point, which is coming up very soon. Once she announces the pregnancy, she will lie about the due date, as she wants the delivery to be a private family affair." [BlindGossip]