With Julia Allison on its cover this past July, Wired confirmed longstanding rumors the internet fameball had a deal with Bravo for a reality show called IT Girls, based on her antics with handbag designer Mary Rambin and self-professed geek Meghan Asha. The development deal was to begin with just a pilot show, and it sounds like it might not go any further. In a roundup of some of Bravo's reality TV experiments this morning, Page Six said "one show starring three New York wannabes who start a Web site 'probably won't make the cut,' said a source." Embarrassing: Allison and her sidekicks recently leased a photogenic apartment because "we anticipate significant filming." Also, look who they may have lost out to:

...We now hear [Bravo] is casting for "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys," a reality show based on Melissa de la Cruz and Tom Dolby's compilation of personal essays about friendships between straight women and gay men. Plus, Bravo's working on several "Real House wives" spinoffs and about 10 other concepts.

We submitted a question about this to the fameballs' new "Advice Box" ("you can literally ask us anything") and are eagerly awaiting a reply. (OK, maybe not quite "eagerly." But definitely "awaiting!")

If the Bravo show does fall through, we'll at least find out whether Allison, Asha and Rambin have the wherewithal to move forward with their joint venture, Nonsociety, as something other than a TV showpiece. A tough phone call from an old friend to Allison recently prompted a "mini-meltdown" — who knows what a big cancellation would do.