Click to Eva Mendes’ weekly trip to her nearby magazine kiosk was quickly halted by the discovery of a familiar face on the back of a glossy fashion magazine. Mendes brought the magazine over to the kiosk employee and asked if the person on the back of the magazine looked familiar. The distracted employee barely looked up from the sports section, but nevertheless managed to say, “That’s a real pretty lady.” Mendes smiled and agreed with the man before snatching up the rest of the fashion magazines with her ad on the back cover. Mendes intends to show all of the magazines to her friends and family. [Photo Credit: Flynet] *A Call To The Bullpen is a work of fiction. Although the pictures we use are most certainly real, Defamer does not purport that any of the incidents or quotations you see in this piece actually happened. Lighten up, people ... it's a joke.