Aspiring writer and NYU student Jessica Roy got her blogosphere start by throwing a lit-bomb at a surely insufferable party attended by various media scenesters. You might be thinking, "Who cares?" but the most hilarious part of her essay was not its contents, which were equally mocked and praised. It was the fact that grown men such as n+1 editor/novelist Keith Gessen (and others; you know who you are) actually tried to get New York's Daily Intel blog to stop it from being published. Talking about being trapped in a media goldfish bowl! (You're going to call in your one favor with a New York editor for something that petty? Does anyone have any balls?) Young Jess didn't like the New York scene, and moved to Paris (but not because of the silly party). However, now she doesn't like Paris—France suffers from a "startling lack of tofu."Now, it must be said that we met Roy at a party before she escaped New York, and found her perfectly pleasant. But HuffPosts like this aren't helping your cause, Jess! If New York City is not a "place for serious people," as previously alleged, then Paris is a hellhole where you can't get a decent vegetarian meal:

As a vegetarian and someone allergic to most dairy, eating food other than carbs was almost certainly out of the question. So baguettes and Nutella and lettuce heads it was. A few days in I started crying in the dairy aisle of my local grocery store when I realized I didn't know the words for "soy milk" and was too embarrassed to ask.

Fine, fine. But this line... this line should have been excised during the HuffPo's editing process (assuming they have one): "I've found that the most difficult part of being here is the nagging inability to communicate my feelings to others in a sophisticated manner." Us too. Unfortunately, it takes years.