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Talk about terrible timing: Just as bikini season is almost upon us, the nation's most popular over-the-counter diet pill, Hydroxycut, is being pulled from shelves today after the FDA announced that it carries serious health risks, something the agency discovery after a teenage boy died and several others required a liver transplant. A million bottles are sold of the "effective" weight-loss supplement each year, but it turns out that its "natural" ingredients can damage the liver, with symptoms including jaundice, vomiting, and excessive fatigue.

"Consumers should consult a physician," advises the FDA's Dr. Linda Katz, "or another health care professional if they are experiencing symptoms possibly associated with these products."

So basically, between people panicking about swine flu, and thinking they're dying of diet pill poisoning, this weekend would probably not be the time to get hit by a car and require the services of the ER. Just a suggestion.

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