Bonnie Fuller, the former Star and Us Weekly editor who now spends her days blogging for the Huffington Post, has always had a rep for being a horrible boss. Writers and editors who had the misfortune to work with her never lasted long; the stories recounted by the people who worked for her over the years are legion. So kudos to Samantha Ettus, the host of ObsessedTV, for broaching the subject in a chat with the editrix a couple of weeks ago.

Fuller's rather unconvincing response? She was never really tough on her employees. She just wanted them to be better at what they do. Is it such a crime to resent staffers who think it's cool to leave the office at 5pm? And if she really had been such a bad boss, why would there be so many star editors out there who have her to thank for giving them a start in the business? Then she screws up her argument since she can't seem to pronounce the name of Michele Promaulayko, her former assistant and now the editor of Women's Health. But we get the idea, Bonnie. We do.

Samantha Ettus interviews Bonnie Fuller [Obsessed TV]