In the wake of Paul Newman's death, it would be just obscene to focus on anything random for tonight's Youtube video fest. I agree with all of the commenters who said they never thought a celebrity death would make them cry until this amazing man went and proved that we are all human and that we all need to cry sometimes. But there's only a certain amount of Paul Newman movies and clips, and we've been sharing them all day in the posts about his passing. However, a huge part of his legacy is that he was a member of the generation of actors and actresses that changed movies forever. Method actors, Actors' Studio people—people who put real human emotion and experience into their roles, rather than the staged, scene-eating acting that marks most of what went before it. Newman's generation—in terms of his training—includes, but is not limited to, Brando, Dennis Hopper, Pacino, Deniro, Ellen Barkin, Steve McQueen, Gene Wilder, Marylin Monroe, Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, James Dean, Sidney Poitiere, Chris Walken, Rip Torn, Dustin Hoffman, George Peppard, Anne Bancroft, and Halloween star P.J. Soles. More Actors' Studio grads here. Let me get us started.