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Tyra Banks took the stand to testify against accused stalker Brady Green yesterday and explained how she's had to hire a bodyguard and driver as a result of the incident. She also said she's no longer jogging outside and has been forced to hire a personal trainer, but we're pretty sure she had one of those long before Green came along. [NYDN, NYP]
• After 13 years of marriage, Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from wife Robin, news that may not come as a huge surprise given his long list of rumored paramours, including Petra Nemcova, Helena Christensen, Ines Misan, Naomi Campbell and Natalie Portman. [P6, People, Extra]
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts' son, Sasha, was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night for respiratory issues. [People]
• Madonna supposedly wants a summer house in the Hamptons. But she can't find a place willing to put up with her horse-related demands. [P6]
• Meanwhile, baby Mercy's 24-year-old father is demanding full custody of his daughter, since Madonna lacks "good morals." [NYP]

Naomi Campbell is denying reports that she's planning to retire, even though she's been overheard complaining about having to do "too many" shows and saying she'd "like to be a mother." [Mirror, Splash]
• Miss California Carrie Prejean's breast implants were paid for by Miss USA pageant officials. How convenient. [NYDN]
• Chef David Bouley has racked up $18,900 in unpaid common charges at his condo on Duane Street. [P6]
• Chris Brown's attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the case against him if an investigation shows the LAPD was responsible for leaking the crime scene photo of Rihanna. [NYDN, E!]
• LiLo is supposedly blaming her dad for her split with Sam Ronson, and wants him to apologize and help get them back together. [MSNBC]
Derek Jeter is paying between $600,000 and $850,000 to lease a luxury suite at Yankee stadium for his friends. [P6]
• Jen Aniston's rep says the rumor she's adopting is "completely wrong." [Us]
• An unlikely pair: Mia Farrow says she asked David Blaine for advice on how to endure her planned hunger strike to raise awareness for Darfur. [NYDN]
• Sarah Palin is making an appearance on TLC's American Chopper. [People]
• Catherine Zeta Jones is supposedly lobbying to play Susan Boyle in a big-screen movie about her life. [Telegraph]
• Redmond O'Neal pleaded not guilty to charges of heroin possession in a Santa Monica court yesterday. [People]
• Paula Abdul apparently still hasn't figured out that the gay Austrian reporter who interviewed her a while back was Sacha Baron Cohen. [P6]
• The Enquirer found a "medical expert" who says Oprah only has "three years left to live." Oh no! [NE]
• More on Sex and the City: Mr. Big supposedly goes broke in the sequel and gets a "working man's job in London." At least that's the rumor. [NYP]
Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin was spotted leaving a nightclub with a female companion, which might mean he's cheating on his wife. [Us, NYDN]
• A federal judge has ordered Dennis Rodman to pay $225,000 for slapping a Las Vegas waitress on the ass. [TMZ]
Cindy Adams seems to have just discovered that rich, old men (see Mort Zuckerman, Bruce Wasserstein, Les Moonves) all have baby fever. [NYP]