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• Did Beyoncé really send a look-alike to stand in for her at an art museum in Vienna so she could go shopping instead? That's what many Austrians seem to think, and the museum now says it plans to issue a protest. And here we were thinking decoy body doubles were just for presidents and mafia kingpins. [AFP]
James Gandolfini erupted at a group of paparazzi outside the Waverly Inn the other night. Fortunately—for the drama-loving masses, at least—they kept their cameras on during the episode and it was all caught on tape. [TMZ]
• Real-life roommates Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick might be splitting up, since Chace is reportedly looking for a loft of his own downtown. [P6]
• Mel Gibson and Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva made their first public appearance together last night at an X-Men screening in LA. [People]
• Strippers at Sapphire East's opening were supposedly told not to take their clothes off until after Samantha Ronson finished her set, since she's "so girl-crazy, she can't concentrate." [P6]

• The Enquirer is sticking to its story that Katie Lee and Billy Joel are splitting. The rag now claims the singer is gearing up "for a bitter divorce battle" since he's "furious at the prospect of being two-timed." [NE]
• Prince Harry is taking his first "royal tour" of the US next month. [DM]
• Britney Spears's restraining order against Sam Lutfi was made permanent for three years by a judge in Los Angeles yesterday. [Us]
• Don't be alarmed if you get an email with the subject "Madonna caught swine flu!" She isn't sick; it's just a hacker trying infect your computer. [Sun]
• In other Madonna news, she's reportedly been holding Kabbalah sessions in her home and asking attendees to pray for her to adopt baby Mercy. [DE]
• Brangelina's presence in Oyster Bay—and occasional trips to Stop & Shop and CVS—has caused hysteria in the town, as expected. [People]
• Jennifer Aniston is adopting a baby from an agency in California, and has already gone so far as to pick out a nanny and start "planning a $250,000 nursery at her home." At least that's what the Star says. [Star]
• Amy Winehouse is apparently telling friends that she's staying in St. Lucia for good and "never wants to come back to the UK." [Sun]
• Doug Reinhardt got in a fight with a guy who groped Paris Hilton at a club Monday night. [Us]
• Dita Von Teese is dating a French count who's 11 years her junior. [P6]
• Rihanna was spotted "frolicking" with a Chris Brown look-alike in Barbados. [NYDN]
• Miss California Carrie Prejean isn't too popular in the gay community. But perhaps a photo of her partying with Amanda Lepore will help? [Us]
Dave Zinczenko is producing a reality show about fitness. [P6]
• Hugh Hefner says he wishes Holly Madison would move back into the Playboy mansion, and that she's still the "love of his life." [Us]
• Phillip Bloch is supposedly trying to guilt people into buying tickets for tomorrow's benefit at the Armory. [P6]
• Susan Boyle is reportedly shopping a tell-all, although publishers so far don't seem interested. [P6]
• MTV says The Hills will return in the fall without Lauren Conrad. [People]
• Heidi Montag is in negotiations to pose for Playboy. What a shock. [PH]
• TMZ thinks it has found Tupac Shakur alive and well in New Orleans. [TMZ]