More bad news from the slave galley otherwise known as FriendFinder Networks, the renamed Penthouse publisher whose Adult FriendFinder site's ads grace numerous porn sites. The company lost its top sales performer, Greg Chan, to World NetMedia, proprietor of surging competitor He probably wasn't very happy working with marketing VP Charlyn McNamara. To get a sense of McNamara's management style, consider the case of senior sales veteran Sondra Moore: Moore walked into McNarama's office to ask for more challenging work. Most bosses reward employees who show initiative and a willingness to take on more responsibility. McNamara's response? She fired Moore. And it gets worse from there.COO Anthony Previte, after threatening to fire everyone in operations, has still not been able to hire more engineers or systems administrators. And the design team has lost all respect for their manager, director of user experience Shawn Whitfield, who's made it clear that anyone who questions his authority will be let go. But hey, the employees that stick around are going to get rich when FriendFinder Networks finally goes public, right? Not so much. Non-executive employees were each granted 10,000 options, regardless of seniority. And they come with a five-year vesting period — one year more than is typical. After the departure of founder Andrew Conru, it's been nothing but petty politics among executives and upper management, according to our source, who added, "You never know who you can trust. That's the whole [Adult FriendFinder] attitude: Trust nobody." It sounds like Penthouse inherited a bad situation that's gotten even more toxic since it bought the company.