John Thain is striking back at Bank of America in an effort "to restore his sullied reputation," and accusing BofA's CEO, Ken Lewis, of lying. [WSJ]
• Thanks to rising profits, employees at several banks are on track to earn as much money this year as they did before the financial crisis. [NYT]
• UBS's head of investment banking, Jerker Johansson, is stepping down. [DB]
Steve Rattner caught a break on Friday when Quadrangle Group investors decided not to shut down his scandal-plagued fund. [NYT, NYP]

• Tim Geithner's Wall Street roots run deep. Among other revelations in the Times' lengthy article about the Treasury secretary: He was offered the job as Citigroup's CEO in 2007, although he turned it down. [NYT]
• Swine flu is a public safety hazard, but it's also posing a threat to the world economy, too, as nervous investors respond to the news. [WSJ]
• Face-off between Morgan's John Mack and Goldman's Lloyd Blankfein. [NYP]
• GM's third new business plan, announced today, will result in 23,000 job cuts and will shut down the Pontiac brand. [CNN]
• Is ex-Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz headed to Goldman? [Fortune]