Did you cancel your debate party? Ha, ha, you are a nerd. But wait, un-cancel it! Or, uh, postpone it? Honestly we don't know what to tell you. Yesterday, John McCain "suspended" his "campaign" in order to fix the economy, and as part of that suspension he backed out of tomorrow's scheduled presidential debate. But Obama said the debate is still on! And Ole Miss (they are sponsoring the debate) also said they are going to still sponsor this debate! So... what? They can't reschedule. The TV networks don't want to move their fall schedules around to accommodate John McCain's crazy whims. Further, the event itself is the result of months of planning and involves massive security and making sure the moderator's free that night and getting all the cameras there on time and so on. So, no, they can't just decide to have this another night. Unless, of course, they reschedule the debate to take place the night of, say, the Vice Presidential debate! DON'T DENY US THAT TREAT, JOHN MCCAIN. If McCain Doesn't Show? If John McCain doesn't show up tomorrow, Obama will just have an interview, by himself, with Jim Lehrer, or he'll have a townhall, or both. So. Now that the House and Senate have reached an accord on the historic bailout agreement, McCain is going to maybe have to make a decision of some kind, regarding this debate, lest he look like even more of a fool (seriously, no one but Bill Clinton thinks he looks like anything but a fool). Some people say McCain will probably show up to the debate now, but the man is stubborn and petty (which is why he did this in the first place!). And right now, he's not blinking (they NEVER BLINK at ANYTHING). "There's no deal until there's a deal. We're optimistic but we want to get this thing done," McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said. Of course, there sorta is a deal, now. But maybe it's not a deal McCain likes! McCain Will Probably Cave So McCain will probably show up tomorrow, to debate Obama. Because if he doesn't it's free airtime for Obama alone. He's painted himself into the stupidest corner ever! Because this plan he had nothing to do with crafting might work, in which case he looks like a grandstanding idiot, or else it will fail (maybe because of Republicans!) and nothing will get done and he'll show up to the debate regardless and he'll look like a grandstanding idiot. Then Sarah Palin will accidentally answer a question again and America will cringe and weep. (Because we are a nation of whingers.)