27-year-old just-quitBoston Globe reporter Tania deLuzuriaga probably had an affair with Alberto Carvalho, an older married man who happened to be a source back when she was covering education for the Miami Herald. That's one way to get close to the story. (Love, what can you do.) How'd news of the affair come to light? Two dozen embarrassing e-mails delivered to the newspaper, school board members, reporters, and more. Carvalho, who's up for a big promotion as he's been selected to be superintendent for Miami Dade Public Schools, originally told the Herald they were "doctored" and part of a smear campaign. That's what we would claim, too, if our e-mails in question included the phrase, "I also haven't shaven since I left Miami. Thought you might like that image. :)"

Can we just say, nothing is more romantic than "Don't shave. Wanna are it," followed by "Sent via Blackberry by AT&T." Carvalho has been denying everything—oh wait, now he's edging towards admitting the emails right be real—but reading Tania's e-mails, it looks like he behaved like your typical all-important, already-married cad. His denial of the affair only completes the circle. (Plus, his career is at stake, whoops!)

[via Romenesko]