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• Lily Lee Lee Wong has chopped $4.6 million off the price of her 115-year-old townhouse at 21 East 84th Street (left), which she purchased for $12.1 million in June 2007 and re-listed for $24.5 million just a month later. The 22-foot wide home is now on the market for $19.9 million. [Cityfile, Bellmarc]
• Bridgehampton's Stone Meadow Farm, which Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon paid $125,000 to rent for one week last summer, has gone into contract. It was most recently listed at $15.9 million. [Newsday, Corcoran]

• H. Richard Quadracci, the scandal-plagued son of late printing-company billionaire Harry Quadracci, has sold his condo at 39 East 20th Street for $2.2 million. [Cityfile]
• Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett is paying $32,000 a month to rent a 6,000-square-foot home in Alpine, NJ. He'll be a stone's throw from his teammate CC Sabathia, who paid $15 million for an Alpine house earlier this month. [NYP]