Oh the fun we have, these days, with John McCain and Barack Obama. They are the news, every day, even when the economy fails or something, because now we expect them to fix it. So they're rocketing back to DC or something to work on that bailout plan, with some guy named... Bush? Bush. You know, the guy who weirdly made torture an important tool in the American response to terror. Ha ha remember our moral authority? Just about everyone involved in the Bush Administration probably deserves to be put on trial at The Hague, actually, but that won't happen because no one cares anymore. It just suddenly became "too late" to discuss the massive and unprecedented abuse of power by the executive branch at just the moment when everyone, even Bush conservatives, agreed that things had gotten far, far out of hand. What were we talking about again? Oh, right, everyone is complicit in the torturing. You and me and Condoleezza Rice. Of course she told the Senate yesterday that it is not her fault, this torturing. Everyone is covering their asses now that the Senate Armed Services is looking into just who decided to give the CIA authorization to torture the fuck out of people, but Condi released some documents blaming John Ashcroft and Donald Rumsfeld for everything. Except of course that she was in the same goddamn room and her proud stand against the program was to ask Ashcroft to personally review the legal documents that Bush lawyers used to justify violating the Geneva Conventions. REMEMBER HOW OUR PRESIDENT VIOLATES THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS?? LIKE, REGULARLY, BECAUSE THAT IS HIS POLICY?? WTF! Anyway. This is fun. Our CIA actually began kinda torturing people weeks before our executive branch drafted a legal memo authorizing them to kinda torture people! The FBI objected to the torturing and "ultimately withdrew from Mr. Zubaydah’s interrogation." It's funny when the FBI is the voice of reason! Funny in a "why did we all agree that the last 8 years didn't happen" way. Basically we'd like a 9/11 commission thing, here, to figure out what happened when a bunch of career conservative fuckers and their cherry-picked law school moron lackeys ran the country for eight years and basically blew it up, from the inside. Can John McCain race back to Washington and work on that?