The first half of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric aired tonight and it's already making the wrong sorts of headlines. This is looking a lot like Palin's train wreck sit-down with ABC News' Charlie Gibson. (Video of the most damaging moments — this time around — after the jump.)

The lefties at Huffington Post and Crooks and Liars have seized upon the part where the Republican vice presidential nominee can't give examples of John McCain supporting financial regulation. "I'll try to find some and bring them to you," she tells Couric. The neocon New York Sun (not yet dead!) notes the part where Palin said we might be headed for another Great Depression, hardly the most reassuring leadership from the ticket that was recently talking about how strong America's economic "fundamentals" are. And she was also clearly flummoxed by a question about ongoing ties between McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis and a group that advocated for housing agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Perhaps Palin should stick to interviews with Fox News shouting heads like Sean Hannity. It's not like she's ever needed the mainstream press for high approval ratings.

(video above)

[YouTube via Wonkette)