Google's new Chrome browser may have lots of cool technology under the hood that I don't completely understand — all I know is that hardly anyone uses it. That said, Spy from the Land of Rainpeople wins commenter of the day for mentioning 50-year old programming language LISP, regardless of the context.

@macbeach: Write all your future downloadable applications for that. This is where your plan fails. Javascript is basically a dusted-off Object Lisp with a slightly updated syntax. It isn't up to that task unless some major redesign gets done. Someone had said in the past: Those who don't know Lisp are condemned to reinvent it, badly. Here's my business plan of the week: Lets pool some money and corner the Amazon's used book market for anything related to Lisp compilers. Then sell those books at huge markup to the developers of Javascript compilers as they are furiously flailing trying to solve the problems that were solved (or proved NP-complete or worse) in the 1960-1980 period. Profit not guaranted, but lots'a fun assured.