• The top restaurant in New York City, according to San Pellegrino's list of the World's 50 Best Restaurants: for 2009: Per Se, naturally. [Serious Eats]
• A look at the Gates, the new venue in the former Biltmore Room space. [GS]
• Be advised: Morton's is now charging $2.50 to add ice to your drink. [IC]
• It's been two years since the banh mi trend surfaced, apparently. [GS, Eater]
• Yet another victim of the recession: hot-dog cart vendors. [NYDN]
Andre Balazs isn't saying much about the restaurant opening in the Standard Hotel, although he's willing to admit he's naming it after his daughters. [GS]
• Sorry, sex fiends: The Casbar, a sex club in the Brooklyn that was featured in the New York Times in February, has been shut down. [DBTH]

• Food Network is adding a new show called Worst Cooks in America, although that "really should just be the Food Network's motto at this point." [GS]
Danny Meyer's restaurants are all adding egg-based dishes to their menus as part of a promotion to benefit City Harvest. [TFB]
• Speaking of Meyer, if you're willing to trust an anonymous tipster who claims to have overheard Meyer chatting with a colleague on the UWS, DM has some sort of project with Starbucks chief Howard Schultz in the works. [DBTH]