Media heiress and urban prose stylist Emily Brill used to be overweight, which is worse than cancer. She heroically slimmed down, and is now compelled to weigh in, ha, on weighty public health issues. So when she saw a week-old Times story about the decline of calorie-counting, she could not conscientiously keep quiet! "Mind if I add my two cents?" she writes. "I did manage to lose some weight over the past year or two..."

I take issue with a piece like this because I think it plays with fire. “She has started cooking with olive oil and occasionally butter, and has increased her consumption of nuts and peanut butter,” Pope writes. Well I’m glad she brings up peanut butter. I ate peanut butter almost every day when I was losing weight, but careful Tara: I was also burning about 8 trillion calories a day up in Bedford with my trainer and on long hikes with my Labrador (whom I jokingly referred to as my ‘outdoor/backup trainer).


Nuts are a big deal: they pack huge fat content and they’ll keep you CHUNKAAAAY if you’re not workin’ it.

Oh baby. Well Emily, if you really want to be able to down all the peanut butter you want, I suggest you give this a shot: