It's the most unfightable news story of the day. Last night, at a Kings of Leon concert, actress Drew Barrymore got into some down 'n dirty tonsil hockey with Gossip Girl fop Ed Westwick. They were sucking face like mad, for all the world to see. And see the world did, if our tips inbox is any indication. Several breathless emails arrived in the early morn, keening to us about this sex explosion that will surely ruin the world with its blinding hotness. Or something. Read some accounts of the events after the jump.

Drew Barrymore was at the Kings of Leon show last night at Webster Hall. She was with Ryan Gentles (manager of the Strokes, who looked strung out). She left with her arm wrapped around Ed Westwick....which makes sense, since she seems to go for guys about 15-20 years younger than her.

Chase Crawford was at the Kings of Leon show last night. He had a black hat pulled down pretty low. Outside the venue after the show, he was surrounded by girls as he smoked cigarettes with Ed Westwick. When Westwick went off with Drew Barrymore he stayed for a little bit.

From the Foggymonocle:

We caught Drew Barrymore slobbering all over the dude from Gossip Girl at last night's Kings of Leon after party at Bowery Electric. It was like a high school make out session.

From Us Weekly:

It is the second time in a week that Barrymore and Westwick locked lips, another source tells Us. They were spotted chatting this past weekend at a Saturday Night Live after-party, which The Kings of Leon also played. "Chemistry was there!" a witness tells Us of the two. They then headed to NYC's hip Fat Cat Billiards, where they stayed until 6 a.m., shooting pool with Gossip Girl cast members (including Crawford), actress Ellen Page and Emile Hirsch. "Drew was hanging all over Ed!" a witness tells Us, denying more reports that she had also smooched Crawford. "They were full-on making out!" Adds the witness, "They were definitely all over each other. It was on!"

If you are curious about even more Gossip Girl stalker sightings, there is a special map right here. [Photo by Justin Bishop, via Vanity Fair]