From yesterday's items, you guys seemed to think that the secret lesbian actress with a crumbling fake marriage was Mariska Hargitay (innnnteresting) and that the talk show personality trying to make a move to serious news was Elisabeth Hasselbeck (shudder). Today we have a skinny-from-cocaine actor, a British actress who is sleeping with her director, and a TV star who made a network create a show for their less talented spouse. 1) "Which lanky actor claims he's always been skinny but actually his continuing weight loss has more to do with a two-gram-a-day coke addiction?" [Mirror] 2) "This A list British actress who only does film has been in a very long term relationship. Wouldn't he be surprised to know that while doing press for her latest film, she has been spending each night in the director's bed. A few weeks ago he showed up in the city she was in as a surprise. Went to her room and she wasn't there even though it was 6am. She showed up in the hallway about 7am and they got into it right there in the hallway for 15 minutes, causing people to look out their doors. She finally got them inside her room, and apparently he forgave her or bought her story because he showed up on her arm that day at an event." [CDaN] 3) "Which TV star pushed their network into creating a show for their spouse? The outspoken veteran used their stardom - and a few threats - to leverage a lucrative deal that clearly exceeds the spouse's talent. Network execs did the deal because they wanted to keep the star happy. As they are certain the new show will fail, they are meeting behind the star's back to discuss how they can keep their monetary losses to a minimum" [BlindGossip]