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We occasionally get emails (or actual mail) from people looking to pass a message to one of the people profiled on this site. Normally we'd just delete the message and move on, but we'd really hate to think that George Soros would miss out on a "fantastic" investment opportunity, especially when guaranteed moneymakers are so few and far between these days. If anyone at Soros Fund Management happens to be reading this, you'll find the details on "the ultimate deal" courtesy of a man named "Benny Q." after the jump. If you're intrigued and dying to connect with Benny to hear more, contact us and we'll put y'all in touch.

Hello Mr. Soros,

I'm not crazy — I just believe you might be able to help me.

I have an opportunity for you to consider investing in. My current investor is on of the principle investors in a Major Motion Picture Multi Film Slate Deal.

At present attached with this deal is: 35 Million Equity. 35 Million Mezzanine.

Major distribution company that is participating as a co-investor as well as of course rolling out distribution. 2 strategic partners. High profile producers/talent.

He is looking to communicate with serious accredited individuals/institutions that can provide: Senior debt-credit 5 year facility that can be drawn down upon. Amount: 30-75 Million. The structure of these funds would resemble a bank revolver. There is no upfront collateral, a few of the films would go into production immediately. This would be backed by the Jr. Financing/Production/Films that are in place.

As you know with the equity as well as mezzanine already in place they can any were for an Ultimate deal. My purpose for contacting you is for provide the structure that is needed to comfortably complete this transaction.

It would take experience in this sophisticated myriad of strategic film financing to best benefit this deal. This is something you have. If you believe you can be resourceful in achieving these goals I can arrange communication with my investor.

In addition: My mandate has a plethora of high profile worthy commercial projects for investors to participate in. In the event that he decides to go outside his current network of investors would you be interested in looking at additional projects?