Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell's new novel, about the denizens of classy apartment building One Fifth, contains an editor at fictional website Snarker (snarf!) named Thayer Core. He lives in the East Village and has the audacity to sit online all day, throwing e-bricks at people! (Who can afford the East Village anymore?) Yet! There's something hilarious and ironic about a former editor for this website reviewing One Fifth Avenue for the Observer. Take it away, Doree:

"But the new breed of youngsters intent on highlighting the hypocrisy of their elders is meaner and, well, snarkier than their forebears, Ms. Bushnell implies. Their number is led by a smarmy 20-something named Thayer Core, who lives in a tiny East Village walk-up and yet feels qualified to lob his verbal grenades at the rest of Manhattan (including several residents of One Fifth). Thayer is a despicable character, and it's not a stretch to imagine that she was personally offended by things written about her on Gawker (where, full disclosure, I used to work). And yet, Ms. Bushnell's caricature of the Web site and its writers falls victim to the very same snarky, self-satisfied kind of writing she accuses the new generation of perpetuating."

You can't escape us, Candace! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE! [NYO]