From yesterday's items you guys totally thought the overly-botoxed reality show judge was Nina Garcia, which would make sense. Though does she have a second show? And you thought that the squeaky clean actress with hardcore drug past was Anne Hathaway, which was my guess too! Let's see if we agree on today's, which feature a singer about to be dumped, a lesbian's fake husband who's demanding more money, a mysteriously perfect-looking Emmy attender, and a talk show host who wants to be a reporter and a reporter who wants to be a talk show host. 1) "Which sweet singer is on the verge of being dumped by her boyfriend? The paranoid girl has been following him home and sifting through his phone for raunchy messages." [Mirror] 2) "I will admit that this fake marriage lasted longer than I thought it would, but all good things must come to an end. Seems as if our B list television actress on a hit network drama just can't keep pretending to keep a man. The lesbian that refuses to come out of the closet is trying to convince the world that she is straight. Our actress has been in this space before when her last beard left her. This time she tried to convince us all by getting married, but no one is really buying it, least of all her fake husband who wants a raise." [CDaN] 3) "Who almost skipped the Emmys because of a bruised and battered face? This actress wanted to look her very best when on stage. However, the marks from her recent plastic surgery were still very obvious. A desperate search for a makeup artist and hair expert specializing in concealing scars and bruises ensued, and the star wound up looking perfect. Some say a little too perfect." [BlindGossip] 4) "Which two television stars will practically be trading places? One is a outspoken woman who has exhausted her stay as a talk show host and wants to try working in more of a journalistic capacity for one of the cable news channels. The other is a news reporter who wants a network talk show that will have a softer and broader focus than her current area of hard news expertise. Both are in active negotiations to achieve their respective goals." [BlindGossip]