Bill Clinton will appear on David Letterman's show later tonight, but he gave a sneak preview of what he might say earlier today on the View. Don't expect the former president to come out swinging against Sarah Palin the way he did against Barack Obama during the primary. Asked a question that tied sexist treatment of his wife during the Democratic primary to supposedly sexist treatment of the Republican vice presidential nominee now, Clinton didn't utter a peep to challenge the shaky premise that Palin has been seriously hurt by a sexist media. Instead he talked about what a powerful force sexism has become — more ignored than racism, even! (Click the video icon to watch the clip.) But this doesn't necessarily mean Clinton is still bitter toward Obama.

Instead, it could just be savvy politics. The more the Democrats talk about Sarah Palin, the more attention they divert from the their real opponent, John McCain, and the more power they give to a woman who has become a magnetic figure. If Clinton went after Palin, it would surely make headlines — sapping attention from the economy and other issues that could help Obama.

Plus, what better way to pander to the ladies of the View than to issue a bipartisan-ish message of gender equality? He can always save any pointed political barbs for Letterman's jaded, largely male viewers, proving that Clinton is, as ever, adept at custom-tailoring his message to women when it suits his needs (political or otherwise!).