Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor and alleged dater of many fellows, has one great regret in his New York life. He has never seen a Kiki & Herb show. Kiki and Herb being, of course, singer/actor Justin Bond in drag as old showbiz wash-up Kiki and Kenny Mellman as her devoted accompanist Herb. They tell wonderful showbiz stories and sing delightful covers of some really random songs. And the Coop has never been! He tells TONY of his drag cabaret shame:

If you could have a drink with another Top 40 person-Jay-Z, David Cross, Liev Schreiber, Kiki and Herb, or Patti LuPone-what do you do? And what do you talk about? Anderson Cooper: I've yet to see Kiki and Herb perform. I consider it my single greatest failure as a New Yorker. I've had tickets, and something has always come up. So I'd opt for drinks with them. Time, place and attire of their choosing.

Well, Andy. I saw them in Boston and let me tell you, sister. It's worth it. Just a nice night out with the boys, you know? Do it!