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Let us say it, since every other writer seems too kind: As CEO of AOL, Randy Falco is an utter embarrassment. Silicon Alley Insider recounts his perplexing performance in front of a crowd of media executives gathered for Advertising Week in New York. "Radio was supposed to die 50 years ago," Falco said. "The reason radio is still around is because of mobile. The reason broadcast will still be around 50 years from now is because of mobile. All of our businesses up here will continue to grow because of video applications on mobile." What?It's as if he thought that playing a game of buzzword bingo would masquerade as strategic thought. A television salesman by trade, Falco was plucked by Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes from NBC Universal to replace Jon Miller, in a universally derided move. A commonly held belief among insiders: Falco and Bewkes thought AOL would be sold off by now, with Falco moving on to some role at Time Warner's film and television properties. AOL has continued to embarrass. And so has Falco. The only question is which exit will come first.