So the vile HACKER who HACKED poor Sarah Palin and her precious emails? Some kid from Tennessee. His dad is a Democratic state representative, which means of course that he was paid by Barack Obama personally to HACK the shit out of that poor woman. The kid (the ALLEGED HACKER) is obviously a brilliant computer genius. Didn't you hear how he hacked all that hacking he hacked? He went to the "I forgot my password" screen and correctly guessed the answers to the "security questions." HACK HACK HACK. Now the FBI is going to throw him in jail for a zillion years, even though they should be arresting Yahoo, it seems like. The dumb kid brought it on himself by revealing the proxy server he used to hack hack hack, and his Anonymous buddies at 4Chan (NSFW) are either disavowing that he was truly anonymous or saying he's a SMOKESCREEN, or something. Internet, lol. [CNET]